One of the most frequent project management tasks is the development of a software system or package. Software development has been going on for over 50 years, yet, today, many software projects still end up over budget, out of the original scope, and with schedule overruns.

   This is first and foremost a project management issue. The buzzword-silver bullets have not produced the hoped-for solutions. Using common sense and simple logic, instead of clamoring for more buzzwords, as shown in the mind map on the right, can be a direct path to the successful outcome of a project.

   Of course, any project stands or falls with the availability, or the lack, of a well-defined and unambiguous single-point-of-reference (SPOR) project charter.

   What makes a SPOR charter different from (and better than) a traditional high-level document charter and how to develop a SPOR charter is elaborated in detail in the holistic project leadership and management guide (HPLMguide™) for Mastering Project Management Integration and Scope.

A trivia quiz for fans of cursive handwriting fonts: Do you recognize whose handwriting is shown in the picture?

Answer: nietsniE treblA
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        Management of Software Projects

Systems Development

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